Guimarães (GUIMARAES)

Guimarães is unique. Known as the “Birthplace of the Portuguese Nationality” the city strives to honor its proud heritage by becoming a reference for sustainable development and a resilient city in the future. Currently, the municipality of Guimarães is one of the most highly industrialized regions of the country and, consequently, an employer of abundant labor in the secondary sector. On the other, the primary and tertiary sectors have a lower share than the national average. Given its geographical location, the municipality of Guimarães has a temperate climate with Mediterranean characteristics with strong Atlantic influence, with a greater amount of precipitation and a shorter duration of the dry season.
The municipality forest area is located almost exclusively in the ridges, being uniformly distributed throughout the municipality. The type of mixed forest of maritime pine and eucalyptus predominates, as the main introduced species.

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