28 Jan - 01 Feb 2024, -
Baltimore, United States of America


The 104th AMS Annual Meeting will take place from 28 January to 1 February, 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Climate change is an “all-hands-on-deck” moment for the AMS, which is recognized
globally for the leading role it plays in supporting the weather, water, and climate
enterprise. The goal of the 2024 AMS Annual Meeting is to leverage the society’s
collective strengths so that our broad community can define the steps and scientific
advances necessary to minimize the impacts of climate change, and to engage policy
makers and the public in that work. An important aspect of this meeting will be to draw
global attention to the multi-faceted issues surrounding climate science and services.

The 2024 AMS Annual Meeting will bring together the spectrum
of stakeholders needed to advance climate science and the services required to expand
public understanding of the issues and promote sound, science-based solutions.

The AMS has an outstanding record of service to a rich, multisector community — from
supporting basic research to helping to generate actionable and relevant information. As
such, the scope of the meeting will be broad and robust, covering a wide range of topics

  • Advancing earth system modeling and its critical scientific role
  • Understanding extreme events and clarifying attribution
  • Defining and communicating uncertainty effectively to elevate the level of
    stakeholder confidence
  • Quantifying the science and uncertainty to inform and support global
    infrastructure requirements
  • Predicting changes in precipitation, including drought and excessive amounts

and many more.

And during the meeting, our project partner Goethe University Frankfurt (GUF), will give a presentation titled Drought Properties in Mediterranean Under Climate Change Scenarios. The presentation will focus on different drought types profiles in the Mediterranean under future climate, pointing out their frequencies,intensity, and seasonality in the Mediterranean countries under future climate scenarios and discussing the driving climate variables for drought occurrences.

Our project, DISTENDER will be acknowledged during the presentation.

Explore the AMS 2024 at this link.

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