05-09 Jun 2023
Trieste, Italy

ICTP Workshop on Climate Information for Risk Assessment and Regional Adaption

This workshop is designed to introduce the latest findings of the IPCC Climate Report, which presents global-scale climate change projections.

From the 5th of June until the 9th, ICTP Meeting will take place in Trieste, Italy.

The workshop will cover topics that will include the state-of-the-art global scale climate change projections and will address the available methods and scientific knowledge to effectively use this information to tackle the challenge of how to move from climate projections to changes in hazards in the context of vulnerability, enabling risk assessment and decision support for adaptation/risk reduction (methods and measures).Overall, the workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle the pressing issue of climate change.

This will be a unique opportunity to foster a collaborative discussion across different communities, with early career scientists in particular. It will foster future research through the use of state of the art methods in climate modelling and regional climate impacts and risk assessment. Participants will gain new knowledge on how to responsibly use climate and impact model outputs to effectively inform climate policies of countries, cities and settlements, and for different sectors.

Additionally, attendees will receive training on the use of the IPCC WGI Interactive Atlas, a tool for effectively utilizing the available methods and scientific knowledge to address the challenge of moving from climate projections to changes in hazards.

The deadline for application is 19th March 2023. All the instructions can be found here.

Credits: Annie Spratt