19-26 Feb 2024, -
Brussels , Belgium

Research Perspectives on the Health Impacts of Climate Change

The high-level conference “Research Perspectives on the Health Impacts of Climate Change” will bring together climate change and health researchers, funders and policymakers to reflect on the current challenges, priorities and needs for research and researchers in this area.

The conference will feature sessions categorised under several themes: 

Theme 1: Short and long-term impacts of climate change 

Theme 2: Climate change in the context of other environmental stressors 

Theme 3: Climate change and the health sector 

Theme 4: A global research agenda on climate change and health 

Ultimately, this event will aim at enhancing and making visible the role of health as a driver of global climate action, which until now has not played a significant part in the discussions. 

Additionally, the conference will support the launch of a strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) identifying the priority topics for the years to come on climate change and health research.

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Credits: Photo by Petar Starčević: https://www.pexels.com/photo/landscape-photography-of-high-rise-building-2587789/