17 January 2023 - ARTICLE

Our Project Takes-off

Research with a vision to create equilibrium for climate change

With climate change impacts becoming more and more tangible all around the world, it’s getting imperative to develop policies that jointly prioritize mitigation and adaptation, and to limit the severity of impacts, exposure and vulnerability to climate change risks.

Within this societal, economic and environmental context, DISTENDER comes in with its solution: developing actionable strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The ambition of our project is to provide a methodological framework that supports climate adaptation and mitigation strategies, integrating top-down and bottom-up approaches into a multi-scale cross-sectoral framework (agriculture, health and well-being, energy, water, biodiversity, forestry, transport and urban planning) and to use it to examine multi-scale interactions of climate adaptation and mitigation actions. Participatory approaches bringing scientists, businesses, governments, policy makers and citizens together are embedded in the overarching methodology to maximize effectiveness of the actions.

Five case studies at the EU level will be involved for testing the holistic approach we’ll develop against specific climate risks and 6 follower case studies are first in line for replication.
Our project kicked-off on June 2022 in Madrid and is coordinated by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Throughout its 3.5 years of duration, the adaptation and mitigation strategies will examine interactions, synergies and trade-offs with the ultimate goal to tackle the risks of climate change.