22 February 2022 -

Equilibrium for Climate Change : Presentation Video

The video provides a comprehensive overview on how DISTENDER is integrating climate change actions with participatory approaches that bring together scientists, policy makers and citizens together.

The impacts of climate change are getting more dangerous everyday and, if we don’t turn the tide quickly, potentially irreversible changes in the Earth’s climate will happen.

To address this urgent challenge, it is essential that governments, businesses, and individuals come together and take action to reduce climate change impacts.

The strategies developed by DISTENDER will result from the integration of climate change adaptation and mitigation processes. Our 5 Case studies at EU level are primarily involved for testing the holistic approach that will be developed and 6 Follower case studies will follow and replicate the solutions.

Here is how and why : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipvM21fQ2C8