18 December 2023

SISC 2023: Managing the Risk, Building Resilience Conference Highlights

The SISC 2023 conference encompassed a broad spectrum of discussions and presentations, including research and innovation activities in climate modeling.

Participants, including  our project coordinator, Roberto San Josè,  explored climate risk models and impact chains tailored for adaptation, providing valuable insights into addressing challenges arising from climate change. The conference extended its focus to discuss specific climate adaptation strategies designed for diverse sectors, including tourism, industry, infrastructure, water management, and other socio-economic sectors. 

 Furthermore, the conference dedicated sessions to address climate adaptation strategies for “One Health,” biodiversity, food security, and the resilience of terrestrial and marine ecosystems.  

 This comprehensive approach aimed to explore interconnected challenges and innovative solutions in the face of evolving climate conditions. 

 Overall, the SISC 2023 conference facilitated a collaborative platform for experts and professionals to share knowledge, strategies, and practical approaches, contributing to a collective effort to address the multifaceted impacts of climate change.